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Spring promotions!

"Spring has arrived! Get ready for a new golf season with 9° Degree Golf, Simulator, Bar & Restaurant"

As the beautiful season of spring, full of vitality and energy, marks the beginning of another new start, golf enthusiasts are stretching their arms and getting ready for a new season. In sync with this, 9° Degree Golf and Restaurant, located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, has undergone renovations and is welcoming guests with various promotions and new menu items.

The interior emphasizes private spaces and trendy pub-style menus have been upgraded, and prices for beers, sojus, wines, cocktails, hard liquors and other beverages have been adjusted to be affordable. In addition, a promotion has been prepared for a 20% discount on all food, drinks, and beverages starting in April, so that guests can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable gathering even if they do not play golf.

In addition, there is good news for golf enthusiasts! 9° Degree Golf offers a high-quality facility and customer service at a reasonable price by reducing the cost of screen golf without any limit on the number of people, with peak hours at $60 per hour and off-peak hours at $40 per hour. (Peak hours: Weekdays 3PM to Close / Weekends and Holidays All Day, Off-Peak hours: Weekdays 10AM-3PM)

After a long time of pandemic and economic downturn, why not spend a valuable time with loved ones at 9° Degree Golf, enjoying delicious food, drinks, and a great golf swing to blow away the stress?

For reservations and inquiries, call 201-585-0080

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