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book a simulator room

- For left-handed players, please select room #10 during booking process.

off-peak time  MON - FRI : 10AM-3PM. 
peak time  MON-WED : 3PM-12AM,  THU-FRI : 3PM-2AM,  SAT, SUN & Holidays : All Day
- If you want to combine off-peak time and peak time, please make two different reservations.
(e.g. For 3 Hour book from 2PM to 5PM, please book one by off-peak time, 1hour, 2PM-3PM, and the other by peak time, 2hour, 3PM-5PM with select same room number.)
- Regular Room Size : up to 6 people

- For 7 to 10 people, please select the larger room #10, and it will charge extra $10 per hour.
- For 5 hours or more booking, please call us 201-585-0080